[Ann] Raw Pharo 70 ChangeLog

I’m trying to summarize the changelog for Pharo 7 (based on about 2500 merged PRs, not counting standalone commits to Iceberg and Calypso). If something more should be mentioned, please let me know.
Revolutionary kernel changes
– bootstrap
– modular stateful traits
– traits flattening in kernel packages
– new sources file for every bootstrapped version, empty changes
– new class builder
– binary packages loading (Hermes)
Infrastructure changes
– switch to GitHub
– Tonel code format
– update building infrastructure to Jenkins 2
Code management
– Calypso, the new system browser
  – new navigation model
  – faster UI
  – tabs toolbar instead of single source code panel
  – explicit commands instead of duplicated menu and shortcuts
  – extendable by plugins
  – suitable for the remote scenario
  – “dynamic protocols”, support multiple tags per method
  – not required star convention for class extension
  – support multiple tags per class
  – visibility option for inherited methods
  – methods inherited from traits are not shown by default
  – variable view as the special mode for method group view.
  – better keyboard navigation
  – and many more
– a new friendly user interface
– simplification of solving problems with repositories
– workflow simplification
– better GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab support
– improved code merging and comparisons
– new code serialization format (Tonel)
– repositories metadata
– documentation
– better error handling, tags support
– improved Iceberg-Metacello integration
– credentials store
– remove Nautilus
– remove UpdateStream
– remove all Configurations
– remove ShoreLine-Report
– remove TxText
– remove PluggableTabBarMorph
– remove the old Compiler
– remove Watery theme
– remove Versionner
– remove Komitter
– remove LegacyWeakSubscription
– continue on deprecation of FileStream
– dead code cleanups
– code organization cleanups
– unify categorization of common methods
– cleanups of object inspection protocol
– start with Ring deprecation
– better structure of packages
– package comments
– Zinc
– Epicea
– Metacello
– Fuel
– Calypso
– integrate WebBrowser
– integrate ReferenceFinder
– Hermes
– Refactoring 2
– Commander
– ClassAnnotation
– ComposableModel renamed to ComposablePresenter
– new calendar presenter
– Spec-Demo
– improve Spec linking to domain models
Look & Feel
– use the white theme by default
– improve themes switching
– main menu bar
– new window management shortcuts
– better support of fallback bitmap fonts
– improved Inspector refreshing
– Spotter is looking for opened windows
– display scale factor
– FastTable improvements
VM interface
– DoubleWord and DoubleByte arrays
– add EncoderForSistaV1
– read-only literals support
– improvements and fixes for 64-bit support
– fixes for FullBlockClosure
– support of the new bytecode set
– breakpoints improvements
– test coverage using metalinks
– reflectivity and metalinks improvements
– startup running in a fresh process
– better pin messages
– NewValueHolder and Model API unification
– better working and image directories meaning separation
– SortFunctions composable
– better OSWindow support
– convert rules to the Renraku architecture
– class and method comments improvements
– extensible Playground (pageActionOrder:)
– optional password management for command line handlers
– system dependencies tests
– unify way to obtain package manifests
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