[ANN] P3 version 1.1


I created a new release of P3, the modern, lean and mean PostgreSQL client for Pharo.


Version 1.1 contains the following changes:

- added support for Postgres Extended Query protocol (P3PreparedStatement) (thx Jan @jvdsandt)
- added support for reading array type values (currently INTEGER[] FLOAT[] BOOLEAN[] TEXT[] VARCHAR[])
- added P3-Tests package and moved all tests there
- more comments
- more unit tests


Especially Jan's contribution adds a lot of functionality: the ability to work with prepared statements.

Here is an example doing a batch insert of 100 records (which is more efficient).

| client statement |

client := P3Client url: 'psql://sven@localhost'.

client execute: 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS table1'.
client execute: 'CREATE TABLE table1 (id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY, created_at TIMESTAMP DEFAULT NOW(), name TEXT)'.

statement := client prepare: 'INSERT INTO table1 (name) VALUES ($1)'.
statement executeBatch: ((1 to: 100) collect: [ :index | Array with: ('Text #', index printString) ]).

client query: 'SELECT * FROM table1'.
client execute: 'DROP TABLE table1'.

statement close.
client close.

Season's Greetings to you all.

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