[Ann] P8 issue tracker is now github


As part of our constant try to enhance process, we are moving the issue tracker to GitHub.
You can now declare issues here: 

https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo/issues <https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo/issues>


Q: Why we do this?
- Because reuniting all development process in just one point will enhance traceability
- … and communication (there are a lot of conversations that now happens in different places (list, issue, PR). With this move we put issue and PR discussion in same place.
- … and people historically has complained that “they need to log to fogbugz to just see the issues” 
- … and this allows us to decommission one server we have now just to get the issues names when creating branches (and before slides).

Q: Does that means fogbugz is bad?
A: Not at all! It is a great tool and we are very grateful of it. Is just that we want to reunite our communication into a single point.

Q: What will happen with issues reported in FogBugz?
A: Pharo 7.0 issues will be taken as before. Pharo 8.0 issues need to be re-opened in GitHub. There are less than 25 right now and we ask people reporting it to move them again (maybe we would do it, but better is owners do).

Q: How can we “branch from issue” now if we do not have FogBugz?
A: We already added a tool “branch from issue” that uses GitHub issue tracker. This will be the same as before. 
And for the same price, we add that option to other projects: All GitHub projects now can benefit from “branch from issue” functionality.

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