[ann] Ethereum driver

Hi All!

I have being working on releasing versions (i should do it more often).
 I am happy to announce Fog v1.0.0-beta. I think I found a API that i like
enough. So, i took the courage to pass to 1.

 Thew new version changes many things:  Redefines the roll of the session,
it minimize the roll of the connection, it cleans up the code, it defines a
more verbose but less magic API. It generates proxies for the contracts.

It supports now all the types including: maps and arrays.

Goodnight :)



Pharo Ethereum Driver

Fog is a library that allows the user to connect to an ethereum based
blockchain data base.

Is based on the Javascript canonical implementation done by Ethereum
community Ethereum Javascript API
Download code <https://github.com/smartanvil/Fog#iceberg--baseline>Iceberg
/ Baseline

	baseline: 'Fog';
	repository: 'github://sbragagnolo/Fog/src';
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