[Ann] release v1.3 of Iceberg


This week we are releasing the version v1.3 of Iceberg.

This version will be available after we merge this PR:


This release contains some new features such as the support of self
hosted gitlab, integration with github, etc.
It also contains multiple bug fixes, cleanups and enhancements.

On the CI part, Guille made the Appveyor build green! This will
increase the stability of the windows support.

Thanks to all contributors.


Full changelog:


#1021 Self hosted gitlab support
#1027 Improved new tag dialog to generate semantic versionning tags
#1044 Show a button “View on Github” when creating a PR
#1008 Add “create branch from GitHub issue” option
#1048 Add commands to open remotes on Github
#1010 Add menu entry in extras to force calculate diff

Bug corrections

#975 Metacello asks too many times what to install when there are
conflicting versions
#980 Iceberg should Identify better the packages and the normal files
#982 The Edit Project should have a Warning if it will affect the packages
#986 Iceberg does not realize changes in extended classes
#999 Pulling and pushing to a gitolite server asks password
#984 Conversion to Tonel generates corrupted .properties
#1041 Filter in repository view don’t work with capital letters
#1019 Metacello Integration leaves Monticello leftover repositories
#859 Creating a branch and pushing does not sets the upstream
#1043 Packages starting with lowercase not recognized
#991 Error on right click in the project editon wizard
#775 Reviewing a PR is broken
#1036 Debugger if we try to merge without selecting a branch
#1064 Fix failing tests regarding clean code in Pharo


#988 Iceberg should load the packages in a single MCLoader (This will
make the loads of packages atomic)
#1001 Use “instance creation” instead of “instance-creation” for
method protocol name
#1004 Use displayScaleFactor in UI
#977 Add ToolTip help to the Commands
#1030 Better support for binary files
#1034 SSH passphrase is now hidden


#1018 Iceberg UI relies on deprecated classes from Spec and Commander
#1051 Clean useless huge hierarchy in Github plugin UI

Infrastructure Enhancements

#1023 Fix CI for windows

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