[Ann] Release version v1.3.0 of MDL


Add compatibility for Gemstone smalltalk (b83d742) and (622dbdb)
MDLCell should implement an offset feature (0ae17ef)
MDLCell should allow to rorder the cells depending on the layout (desktop/tablet/phone) (a8e77dd)

Add OrderedDictionary to Gemstone compatibility package (b83d742)
GemStone expects Blocks for ifNotNil: and friends. What does this code do? (b83d742)
Bug Fixes

Closing button of MDLDialogWidget should not be of submit type but of button type (9d54da1)
MDLMenuButtonWidget should use the ID system of MDLWidget (8ad61b9)
MDLCalendar should use the id system of MDLWidget instead of recreating one (01e1f61)
Month and year selection does not work on MDLCalendarWidget (dc915cd)
First snackbar demo is broken (9497c65)

Deprecate #mdlMultilineTextField since we already have #mdlTextArea which is the common name in HTML5 (ef1e0a6)
Deprecate MDLCheckboxWidget since it does not brings anything more than the brushes (0630493)
Typo in MDLProgressBarWidget, #hyde should be #hide (a362b33)
Remove dependency to Morphic (#detectIndex:) (ab02a1f)
MDLCardTitleText should not be able to respond to #borde or #expand (7f2e2cf)
Remove dependency to JQueryUI (9ed3a6f)
Remove duplication between MDLButton and MDLAnchorButton (99b3266)
MDLCardTag has unused variables (431d7d1)
MDLCardMenu should not be able to respond to #borde or #expand (b59094d)
Remove dependency to Seaside-Development (89fa553)
Deprecate useless MDLFooterLogo since we already have MDLLogo (fa7d7985)
Remove duplication between MDLIconToggleLabel and MDLIcon>>#toggle (fa7d798)

Improve code coverage. This release increased the code coverage from 3% to 61%
Add tests. The number of tests increased from 8 to 485
Add Coverall to CI (5a37a85)
Add Demo about not raised colored buttons (7a55891)

Add demo on Elevation (f9a387c)
**UX: ** Icons in list should be clickable (43e3187)
**UX: ** Improve global UX of the demo (43e3187)
Add demo about MDLBadge>>noBackaground (f097d8f)
Add demo to explicit MDLBadge>>overlap option (f097d8f)
Add demo about MDLCell>>#hideDesktop/#hideTablet/#hidePhone (aabc92b)
Add demo about MDLCell>>#stretch/#bottom/#top/#middle (250a4b2)

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