New Iceberg Version 1.2.1 +]
Thanks to all brave users, issue reporters, and contributors :).

This version includes the implementation of projects.
Projects are a way of defining basic metadata of the repository.
Now, this metadata just includes the source directory.

This means that people do not need anymore to provide ALL THE TIME the source directory.
Instead, every repository includes a project file that provides it.
Iceberg will guide people to create the given file. This file is managed by Iceberg and people should not touch it from the outside or accept the consequences :).

This version is integrated in the latest Pharo 7 images.

#New Features

 - #866 Introduce first version of Projects


 - #870 Improving tests of Metacello Integration
 - #903 Split basic tests from metacello tests in CI
 - #914 Sync Wiki with documentation directory automatically
 - #934 Manually check metacello integration dialogs
 - #935 Try to refrite the metacello integration tests.
 - #940 Installation in new Pharo should also bootstrap pharo repository


 - #675 The History of a Method in Calypso should show a progress bar.
 - #788 Show progress during network operations (fetch,push, ...) Libgit.
 - #875 Tonel plugin does not delete .filetree Migration
 - #897 Update to OSSubprocess 1.0.1
 - #911 Repair Checkout branch should appear in "no project found"
 - #933 Fix Edit repository dialog
 - #939 IceInteractiveErrorVisitor duplicates IceTipInteractiveErrorVisitor
 - #944 Extract pharo repository bootstrap code into iceberg

#Bug Fixes

 - #828 Convert sources to tonel raises an Exception
 - #839 Infinite loop in IceGitLocalRepositoryType if the path is wrong
 - #849 VM crash while saving credentials Credential Manager
 - #851 .properties file is not create if project is imported and not
 - #869 Error msg after an http timeout is unreadable
 - #873 Error with credential provider Credential Manager
 - #874 The integration with Metacello does not work when there is a src
directory, but not project file.
 - #880 Putting "." in project src field gives dnu
 - #884 Edit Project Dialog tries to select 'src' folder as default, but
does not handle if it does not exists
 - #886 Edit Project Dialog does not allow to select the root of the
repository as source directory
 - #888 Could not locate repository does not have subdirectory anymore.
 - #889 Loading an unborn project through metacello does not work
 - #894 GitHubAPI fails when the API responds with a 204 No Content
 - #901 I get a DNU projectName....
 - #902 Edit project metadata does not detect default format
 - #918 Cloning pharo from a sync'ed repository does not correctly show
dirty packages
 - #928 Pull request cancel
 - #930 Changed ivar/slot name in stateful trait not recognized as a change
 - #931 DNU when trying to unload an Iceberg pkg where underlying Pharo pkg
has been removed
 - #932 Pharo repository forgets packages
 - #938 Do not catch assertion failures
 - #941 Iceberg pre-installed repository has wrong repair action
 - #946 Fixing Metacello Integration Tests
 - #948 Cloning from github creates an invalid remote
 - #950 Iceberg v1.2.0 breaks projects Metacello Integration bug
 - #951 New project window should be coherent on the vocabulary UI
 - #953 Make remote request anonymous enhancement
 - #952 Cannot Clone Pharo Repository Pharo plugin bug
 - #955 Repair actions for repositories with fetch required are wrong UI bug

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