Google API

I created a new repo at since the original repo is self-hosted, I don’t know what the contribution policy is, and I need the fix to continue my work. I’ll keep the MC meta info so that my changes can be merged back if desired.

Fun fact. I was able to send a multipart text & html email after a few gotchas. Here is the script in case someone wants to do the same:
| api message raw |
api := GoogleGmailApiUsersMessages new.
api authenticate.
message := MailMessage
from: ‘”Mr. Sender” <>’
to: { ‘”Mrs. Receiver” <>’. }
about: ‘Thank you!’
asFollows: ”.
addAlternativePart: self plainTextString contentType: ‘text/plain’;
addAlternativePart: self htmlString
contentType: ‘text/html’.
raw := message asSendableText base64Encoded.
“Web-safe base64 from
raw := raw copyReplaceAll: ‘+’ with: ‘-‘.
raw := raw copyReplaceAll: ‘/’ with: ‘_’.
api send: ‘’ api options: (Dictionary with: ‘raw’ -> raw)

where #send:options: is just the generated #send: with an argument passed through (instead of nil) as the last argument to:

^ self makeRequestTo: path usingMethod: action with: optionsDict.

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