Web-stack new version: June release



RenoirSt 6.0.0

  • Extended Seaside tag brushes to allow sending setStyleTo: and use the Renoir facilities to provide an inline style.
  • The library now automatically performs the lookup of constants.

Full changelog and migration notes here.

Willow 10.1.0

Changes since last announcement (v 8.0.2 ):

  • Improved table support
  • Implemented apply: in the tag brushes. Now you can use the same command interface used for Willow components in standard seaside tags.
  • Implemented with:applying: in tag brushes.
  • Added #interactUsing: to tag brushes so it’s easier to apply a WebInteractionInterpreter.
  • setStyleTo: in the commands now lookups the CSS property values automatically (so the second parameter in the block is no longer supported)
  • Access to constants in the commands now uses >> and symbols instead of message sending, to ease the extension in dependent projects.
  • Added command to ease the ARIA roles setup.
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Internal clean-ups

Full changelog and migration guide: v9.0.0, v10.0.0 and v10.1.0.

Willow Bootstrap 10.1.0

Changes since last announcement (v 8.0.2):

  • Bootstrap plugins now automatically convert constants.
  • Improved internals using the new ARIA role API.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Internal clean-ups

Full changelog and migration guide: v10.0.0 and v10.1.0.

Willow JQueryUI 9.0.0

Changes since last announcement (v 7.1.0):

  • Internal clean-ups
  • Updated dependencies

Full changelog and migration guide here.

Willow SpinKit 6.0.0

Updated dependencies.

Willow Mixpanel 2.0.0

Updated dependencies.

Willow Playground 7.0.0

Changes since last announcement (v 5.0.0):

  • Use the new table interaction affordances.
  • Provide an AJAX error handler example.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Use the new RenoirSt and Willow affordances.
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