[Ann] New iceberg videos!

Hi all,

This time (just before releasing a new version of iceberg) I wanted to share some videos with you. Feedback is welcome.

!! How to contribute to Iceberg

This video shows how to contribute to iceberg.
For this, you should update your iceberg installation and then just do a pull request.
This means that you need to start by forking

- Path 1: Clone and pull (easy)
  - Clone your fork
  - Checkout the latest development branch (e.g., dev-0.7)
  - Pull from pharo-vcs/iceberg

  This path does not always work, as this is kind of self-brain surgery. Iceberg is updating itself. If this does not work, go to path 2

- Path 2: Install from scratch (if Path 1 does not work)
  - Use the script in the README file to unload and reinstall iceberg
  - Make sure you use the latest development branch in the Metacello script (e.g., dev-0.7)
  - Clone your fork and checkout the development branch

Once you have the correct version, you can load the tests by loading the development group of the baseline.

!! Basic Branching and Merging

This video shows in a simple example how to branch, merge and checkout different commits. In this video we first create a new class with a method, then we create another branch and force a conflict. We resolve the conflict during merge.

In the middle, bonus feature, we checked out a commit and stayed in
Detached HEAD for a while ;)

!! Loading a baseline from your repository

This video shows how to load a baseline from Iceberg's UI.
We clone an existing project, see it is "Not loaded" and use Metacello plugin to load the default group.


PS: Tomorrow I'll answer the threads about Iceberg that were going around
here in the mailing list. I was running today.
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