Containers now on github!

All the collections on earth do not have to be loaded in the default Pharo image!
Beside a small kernel, we should have well packaged, well tested and documented collections: Containers is this modular library.
This project is to collect, clean, test and document alternate collections and data-structures. Each package is modular so that users can only load the collection they need without 100 of related collections. The vision is to think modular.
“Containers” currently includes:
All packages follow the same structure
  • Containers-XXX,
  • have tests, examples,
  • class names start with CT,
  • They can be loaded without class names.

Underway development

  • BTree
  • Tree

External projects

Some existing data structure may want to be listed as part of Containers. It is easy I can create a package for them and package them to follow the conventions.
  • Rope?
  • DataFrame?


  • BitArray
If you want to participate, you are welcome.
You can
  •     Publish your own container
  •     Help document better the existing ones
  •     Improve the design and API of certain data structures

S. Ducasse



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