ba-st Web Stack family gets a new member: Willow-Mixpanel and new releases


We're happy to announce a new member in the Web Stack family hosted at : Willow-Mixpanel

This is also a multi-release announcement of the following project versions:

   - Willow-Mixpanel <> v1.0.0
      - Provides Integration between Willow
      <> and the Mixpanel Javascript API
      making easy to send events directly from the browser
      - HighchartsSt <> v7.0.0
      - Updated Highcharts and Highstock JS libraries to version 6.0.7
      - Improved Importing Tools
      - Migrated sources to Tonel
      - Willow <> v8.0.2. Changes since
   latest announcement:
   - Migrate sources to Tonel format
      - Improve ScrollIntoViewCommand
      - Updated JQuery to 3.3.1
      - Improve libraries test cases to verify the file contents
      - Fixed Bug #108 <>:
      Senders of #identifier must ensure the component has assigned an id
      - Added FAQs to documentation
      - Added an easy way to add additional libraries to a WillowApplication
      - Added table footer support
      - Added to interaction interpreters:
         - show:whileCallingServerToRender: This will replace
         anIdentifiedWebView contents with aRenderable in the DOM
before doing the
         server call, and replace it again with the rendering obtained from the
         server call response
         - transform:into: This will replace anIdentifiedWebView content
         with aRenderable on the browser side

      - Willow-Bootstrap <> v8.0.2
   - Improve file deployment tests
      - Update datepicker plugin to v1.8.0
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Willow-JQueryUI <> v7.1.0
      - Added JQuery UI dialog builder to component supplier
      - Improve file deployment tests
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Willow-SpinKit <> v5.0.2
      - Improve file deployment tests
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Willow-Playground <>
   - Improve package tagging and rename some classes to make the code more
      - Use the new interaction facilities
      - RenoirSt <> v5.0.0
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Updated dependencies

Find a more detailed changelog and migration instructions on the release
pages of each repository.

Special thanks to Tim Mackinnon <> for the
constructive feedback driving some of the improvements in Willow and Francisco
Ortiz <> for the Mixpanel support.

Anyone interested in joining our ba-st projects <>
is welcomed.

Gabriel Cotelli, Maxi Tabacman and all the contributors.
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