Iceberg 0.7.3

Hi all,

We just introduced Iceberg 0.7.3 into Pharo. This new version solves
several issues people had when contributing to Pharo in general and others.
I've made a screencast on how to contribute to Pharo, and added some
tutorial and glossary in Iceberg's wiki.

Below the links and the changes log.

Thanks for making your issue reports ^^. We will schedule a backporting to
Pharo6.1 in a couple of weeks, once we have another iteration.


# Contribute to Pharo with Iceberg 0.7.3

- wiki page:

- Screencast:

This screencast shows how to use Iceberg 0.7.3 to contribute to latest Pharo 7, by cloning from scratch your own (potentially outdated) clone.

This video will guide you through:
 - solve the "Missing local repository" by cloning
 - solve the "Fetch required" that appears because the fork is out of date
 - solve the "Detached working copy" by creating a new branch
 - use the pharo plugin to create an issue branch
 - make some changes, commit them and push them to your fork
 - make a pull request

If you already have a clone, you can just import an existing repository
from your disk. The rest of the instructions should be the same.

If you don't have a fork, create one before doing anything else.

New videos to come with more explanations.

# Iceberg Glossary

# 0.7.3 ChangesLog

   - #693 <>: fixing problem
   when the announcement of changes in a package is nil. (bug, important)
   - #682 <>: update update
   script (Pharo6-backport)
   - #681 <>: Author name is
   not correctly decoded (UI, enhancement)
   - #680 <>: Repair actions
   dialog should explain the situation (UI, enhancement, important)
   - #679 <>: Create branch
   repair action should show create branch from issue if available (Pharo
   plugin, UI)
   - #678 <>: Iceberg does
   not correctly recognize packages (bug, important)
   - #677 <>: Unknown commit
   can only be solved with repair action (Model, bug, important)
   - #676 <>: Unknown commit
   state is not properly shown (UI, bug, important)
   - #667 <>: Merging
   branches with file deletion doesn't seem possible (bug, important, merge)
   - #666 <>: Iceberg
   sometimes add a $ to commit message (Model, bug)
   - #662 <>: The Pharo
   plugin has to do the fetch only if required. (Pharo plugin, enhancement)
   - #660 <>: Add a star badge
   in the push button in case of a new branch ()
   - #658 <>: Progress Bar
   during checkout of Repository. (UI, enhancement)
   - #657 <>: Confusing UI:
   Ghost Test maybe should be default? (UI, enhancement)
   - #656 <>: Typo in
   Progress Bar (UI, bug)
   - #651 <>: When pushing a
   new branch the list of commit is empty (UI, bug)
   - #650 <>: "Create new
   branch from issue" is leaving image in detached working copy state ()
   - #649 <>: The VM is
   crashing when trying to use Iceberg from a saved image (bug)
   - #645 <>:
   IceLibgitRepository should use "utilities" protocol instead of "utils"
   (clean up)
   - #644 <>: Unnecessary
   temp in IceTipGitHubRepositoryPanel>>#getGitHubRepository" (clean up)
   - #643 <>:
   LGit_GIT_ERROR: error authenticating: no auth sock variable loading a Tonel
   based baseline dependency in smalltalkCI (bug, important)
   - #639 <>: Create pull
   request fails if branch has not been pushed (Github plugin, bug)
   - #636 <>: The pull
   button should have a star badge when it has no upstream (UI, enhancement,
   - #634 <>: Travis is not
   building Pull Requests (CI, bug, important)
   - #624 <>: add "add
   remote" to remote picking on pull/push browsers (enhancement)
   - #610 <>: Fix for issue
   #608 <> and #607
   <>. (clean up)
   - #609 <>: New branch
   repair action does not refresh dirty packages (UI, bug)
   - #583 <>: Creating a
   tonel project does not commit the properties file (Model, bug)
   - #542 <>: Bug during
   commit of a new package (Model, bug)


Guille Polito
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