Pharo contributor: to contribute to Pharo

Hi Sven

if you like you can also use my "" - at least 
on Ubuntu (where I wrote, tested and use it)

- just clone the project
- use "" to download latest P7 automatically and started, it will also load a contribution 
  help book I did where all is explained

- For a quick start usually you just have to go to the very last help page of the appearing help tool and click 

    CPTCloneTool run

  to automagically download and update you fork (after giving your Github username)

Then you can contribute as usual by having a branch for a bug number in Iceberg and so on. 

Side note:
Currently new Iceberg still has some trouble:
 - one has to discard the changes on Fuel (as there are none) after the automatic synch of the tool
 - one has to "LGitLibrary initialize" when one reopens a saved image (see, otherwise VM will crash
I already notfied Esteban.

For questions on my workflow with the tool: I'm usually available on Discord.

I'm sure there will also be an update of the official contribution tutorial and AFAIK Esteban
want to do some screencasts. 

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