[ANN] MaterialDesignLite v1.2.0 for Seaside

Hello everyone,

Today I released the version v1.2.0 of MaterialDesignLite for Seaside.

The main changes are:
– There is a brand new demo with more examples and documentation. You
can find it here: https://mdl.ferlicot.fr
– There is a new concepts: The extensions. Extensions are not describe
by Material Design but are meant to help developers while building web
application. This release contains 3. A way to simplify the use of
dialogs, called “root dialog”, a resizeable left panel and a resizeable
right panel with tabs.
– There is a new widget: the progress widget
– New brushes to use premade typography and typogaphy styles

This release is tagged with v1.2.0 and I also introduced tags v1.2.x and
v1.x.x which are moving tags following patch and minor versions.

Here is the full changelog of the release:

If you have issues, need a new feature or have a comment on the project
feel free to open a issue:


Have a nice day!

Cyril Ferlicot
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