Sending notifications from Pharo to your Mobile via

Just a little snippet I wanted to share. Pushover ( is a general service that delivers notifications to iOS, Android and desktop devices via an API (and an email gateway as well). It is really easy to get started with.
This is how you do it from Pharo:
ZnClient new
url: ‘‘;
accept: ZnMimeType applicationJson;
contentReader: [ :entity | NeoJSONObject fromString: entity contents ];
contentWriter: [ :object | ZnEntity json: object asString ];
contents: (NeoJSONObject new
token: ‘ax4o55o6g5imb1a6st3m9x34hqu44z’;
user: ‘uv2fovx3f9sp3rgssrupvjgvdo8quw’;
title: ‘Test 3’;
message: (‘This is a test @ {1} by {2}.’ format: {
                            DateAndTime now. SystemVersion current }));
It will look like this on your mobile device (just seconds later):
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