PharoLauncher 1.1

Hi all,

I just released PharoLauncher 1.1. There are now 64-bits versions for Mac and Linux. Jenkins build is now managed through a Jenkins file.

Here is the changelog (details on

New features:
#66 new command: import an image into the launcher default image folder
#65 new command: remove a template from “Downloaded templates”
#64 new command: create a local template from an image and remove the image
#57 new option: run an image from a login shell to inherit from shell startup scripts to set up environment variables.
#54 It is now possible to run an image anywhere on your file system if you click “launch” and no image is selected
#23 Pharo Launcher now has an “about” box giving its description, version and a link to the bug tracker.
#62 Pharo Launcher should not load default Pharo settings
#51 Pharo Launcher now sets the current directory to the directory containing the image (was the VM directory). Avoid confusions in Pharo 7 images.
Bux fixes:
#60 hardReset option causes troubles to PharoLauncher
#56 #, was sent to nil
#55 Display name of Pharo 7 images unusable
#52 Cannot open a Pharo 2 image
#47 Cannot run pharo 50 pre-Spur images
You can get platform bundles from files.pharo.org
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