Glorp on Github…

Hi Everyone,

I’ve migrated Glorp v130, including GlorpSQLite, from smalltalkhub to
github using Peter Uhnak’s excellent git-migration tool, see:

To load Glorp:

Metacello new
repository: ‘github://pharo-rdbms/src’;
baseline: ‘Glorp’;

To load Glorp with the UDBC SQLite drivers:

Metacello new
repository: ‘github://pharo-rdbms/src’;
baseline: ‘GlorpSQLite’;

I’m not familiar with the other drivers, so I’m happy to help, but would
like some assistance before migrating the other drivers.

If I don’t hear any complaints in the next week I’ll eventually get
around to modifying the ConfigurationOfGlorp on smalltalkhub to use the
github version for Pharo 6.1 and 7.0.  Older versions of Pharo will
continue to load Glorp from smalltalkhub.

If there’s an official account that should own this project, I’m more
than happy to hand it over.


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