Libusb binding


A bit late, there is a Libusb [1] binding (using UFFI) and support for the Human Interface Device [2] (that uses the binding but is written in pure Smalltalk) for Pharo.
Everything is on the github repository [3]. « Install »  and « Quick start »  sections give you all you need to start using the project.
One could also have a look at the wiki [4].
It works on Linux but hasn’t been tested on Mac OS nor Windows (it should work since libusb library works on these platforms).
Do not forget to install the 32 bits versions of libusb on your computer.
The purpose of this library is to provide the ability to use USB devices directly from Pharo.
For example, one could get data from a PS3 controller, a mouse, a keyboard, an Arduino device, etc…
PS: I realised this project during an internship in TaMère SCRL company [5]. Thanks to them!

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