Last PR log



20442 open the welcome window

20462 An error in the Tests never break the build


20440 integrate ReferenceFinder


20461 Update Hermes to v2.2.1


20410 Undeclared variables should be compiled with explicit class UndeclaredVariable


20421 Email should run in a node and separate stage to be sent


20447 SystemVersion>>highestUpdate not initialized and nil


20459 Comment class ImportingResourceHelp

20444 FFIExternalStructurePlatformTests cleanup (is32/64bit)

20445 Uncategorized or wrongly categorized deepCopy, veryDeepCopy, shallowCopy and postCopy methods


20458 Two uncommented classes in Reflectivity package

20446 Properly categorize finalize and finalizeValues


20443 SDL_Event not initialized


20435 The CI process should fail if the conversion fails


20415 Restore the extra morphic worlds properly on startup


20434 use Ring2 during the bootstrap


20431 Move initialization of Color, InstructionStream and SmallInteger


20437 Uncategorized methods in RFCondition and RFMessageNode


20436 Pull request URL in build information e-mail is wrong


20423 Add health check that all class instance variable names in the system are lowercase


20429 ContextTest>>#testSetUp is dependent on Opal

20433 Fix the parsing of the PR description when sending the mail


20428 ClassTest (Kernel-Tests) is dependent on System-Changes

20424 standalone SUnit tests are failing after integration of the new version of Hermes



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