PharoLauncher 1.0.1

Hi all,

I just released a new version of the PharoLauncher 1.0.1.
Here are major improvements since last version:

  • Pharo launcher is now distributed with a Pharo 60 image with a 32-bits threaded VM (to avoid hangs when using OSProcess).
  • Add a VM management utility able to find (and download) the appropriate VM for a given image. So, the launcher is NOT shipped anymore with an extra VM. It will fetch required VM when needed.
  • Pharo Launcher files (images, VMs) are now considered as user Documents (easier to find). Consequently, they are now stored in the standard documents folder, i.e.
    • $HOME/Documents/Pharo on OS X,
    • $HOME/My Documents/Pharo on windows,
    • $HOME/Pharo on Linux (some linux distributions provide a document folder but some others not, so we put it in the HOME directory in all cases).
    • In this folder, you will find your images and virtual machines needed to run images.
  • Use of ProcessWrapper to run images on Windows.
  • Adds download of sources file for Pharo images > 60.
  • Left panel is now used for official images and Jenkins jobs templates and right panel is used for local images.
  • New mooc entry with the image ready to start the Pharo Mooc.
  • New deprecated category to find old official Pharo images.
  • Use system unzip when possible (Pharo unzip does not manage file permissions nor symbolic links).
You can get platform bundles from


For those wanted more info on how the adequate VM is computed, here is the process:
  1. determine the image format version
  2. find (and optionnaly fetch) a compatible VM (a VM able to run this image format) and run the image to get its Pharo version number
  3. find (and optionnaly fetch) the appropriate VM for this specific Pharo image version. Sources files are also downloaded with the VM when applicable.
  4. run the image with the appropriate VM

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