Iceberg version 0.6

Hi all,

I released Iceberg version 0.6. It includes a lot of small tweaks and fixes, but the most important inclusion is tonel file format which aims to replace file tree.
Tonel is a file-per-class file format for monticello repositories. It’s purpose is to reduce the amount of files touched each operation, make the IO faster an compact the repositories database.
It has also as an objective to offer an “easy-to-read” format, so people wanting to understand a chunk of code will recognise it easily.
For testing, I migrated several of my projects to Tonel and I’ve been using it, you can see some as examples: (this was just an example and it has some minimal errors already fixed)
We plan to migrate Pharo development to tonel to address some problems we have:
– since it has to read/write a lot of files, IO operations are slow
– and even much more slow in Windows
– Windows also has a problem with longpaths.
Iceberg 0.6 will be integrated to Pharo7 soon 🙂
To update Pharo 6.1, there are instructions in the readme:
now, if you wan to migrate your projects to Tonel (from FileTree), here is a script you can use:
btw, tonel is independent of Iceberg and can be used with plain Monticello (but it is a metadaless format, history will reside on git, not on monticello).

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