Pull request for “bootstrap”


in relation to the issue https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/20447 Torsten asked me to describe how to prepare pull requests related to the bootstrap process. It is a little bit different from the standard pull requests because the code directory is different and the image needs to have some prerequisites loaded.
1) you need the current bootstrap image. This image contains the VMMaker, Espell, Beacon etc. You can find the latest path to it in the Jenkinsfile, now it is:
You can prepare the image by yourself using the baseline in the repository https://github.com/guillep/PharoBootstrap. Currently we use Pharo 6 as the base system for it
2) place this image directly into your Pharo repository local clone folder
3) run the script bootstrap/scripts/prepare_image.st
4) open it and in Iceberg register your local clone as the local repository. In the path to the sources use “bootstrap/src”
5) continue as with a standard issue pull request, so create issue on FogBugz, create a branch, do your changes, commit them, pull them to your fork and create the pull request. For more information see:
— Pavel

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