News from the trenches


This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 11 September 2017 to 17 September 2017.
You can see it in a better format by going here:


14 September 2017:

*    Since Ronie came to spend two weeks with us, I made a “stop the world” call to work with him in a couple
of projects I want to integrate in Pharo.

So, I’ve been working on that last two days: Ronie has a working implementation of a “real headless”
VM that can chose to start a world using SDL2.

Why we want this? Because of many reasons… one of them is because is lame to open a hidden window when
we want to use just a command line, but also because the desition of opening a window (the World or
whatever) should be responsibility of the image (the user), not the VM.

Anyway, the problem is that Ronie made his VM using CMake and we use plain Makefiles (a very complex
structure of makefiles), so we needed to convert that.

Also, since this is experimental, a lot ot small details are missing and we are running to supply them.

But well… I’m happy to say that we have a Pharo 7.0 running 100% on headless mode with an SDL2 window
serving the world, on macOS 32bits.

Tomorrow we will look to fix some remaining details and to expand the source to linux and windows (32bits),
then we will jump to 64bits.

11 September 2017:

*    I just released [iceberg v0.5.8](

This version is a maintenance version, and contains this fixes:

* speed up of commits by not traversing the full tree to detect staged files (just compare later)
* fix refresh option in PR tool
* do not use hardcoded colours in diffs
* add guessing of source dirs to easy adding of local repositories
* recategorise methods

It will be integrated on Pharo 7.0 in on [case: 20406](

*    Last week I was at ESUG 🙂

Anyway, I’m working on [tonel](, the new fileformat made to replace
[filetree]( (because of many reasons, being the non-scalable nature of
file-per-method strategy the most important).


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