Pharo 70 enhancements waiting for an automated reporter :)

Remove SmalllintManifestCheckerTest(class)>>DoIt

Uncategorized methods in SystemVersionTest, SystemProgressMorph, SugsWatchpointSuggestion, SugsSuggestionSwapMethodTest, SugsNau

add Gt and Github support to minimal image

Uncategorized methods in TextKern, TextSelectionColor, TextURL

Enforce Proper method categorization – Part 1 – SUnit

Use instead of disney

Uncategorized methods in WorldMenuHelp,WeakValueAssociation, WeakOrderedCollectionTest, WeakOrderedCollection, WeakMessageSendTe

Pharo 7 Help should already use Pharo 7 instead of 6 and show some first highlights

Categorize methods in UserOfFooSharedPool, UnusedVariable, UnlimitedInstanceVariableSlotTest, UnknownSelector, UndefinedVariable

Categorize methods in TabLabelMorph, TaskbarTask, TermInfoCharacter, TestAutoFractionComputation, TextClassLink, TextComposer, T

Uncategorized methods in VSUnloadUnit and VMWindowDriver

Uncategorized methods in ZipStringMember, ZipStore, ZipFileMember, ZipDirectoryMember

MailMessage API Improvement

Add Retry of tests in CI

Categorize methods in RubNotificationStrategy

free and beNull missing methods in referenced structures

New warning text color is not readable on white theme

deprecated call in QANautilusPluginMorph>>#displayCritique:

RecursionStopper methods not categorized

Categorize method in PharoShortcuts

Uncategorized methods in CP1253TextConverter, CairoPNGPaint, CairoScaledFont, CheckboxButtonMorph, CheckboxMorph, CheckboxMorph,

Uncategorized methods in DummyUIManager, DropListMorph class, DropListMorph, DoesNotUnderstandDebugAction, DockingBarMenuMorph

Move SymbolicBytecode>># and hash from package “GT-BytecodeDebugger” into “Kernel”

[ Pharo 70] Senders-of-String—isLegalInstVarName-isLegalClassName-

[ Pharo 70]  Categorize methods in AnnouncementLogger #240

[ Pharo 70 ] Build 83 PR 236 introduce-at-at-in-dictionary


[ Pharo 70 ] Build XX PR 236 free-and-beNull-missing-methods-in-referenced-structures


[ Pharo 70 ] Build XX PR 233 cleanup #isMorphicModel


… lots not recorded, build is at 79.


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 69 PR 225 20350-include 32-bit sources in the 64-bit Pharo archive


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 66 PR 223  20348-testWideStringClassName-needs-to-be-unmarked-as-expected-failure


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