[Ann] Git Thermite

I am releasing an initial version of Git Thermite, the GitHub pull request visualization that I presented at IWST.
SmalltalkHub page:


Script for loading Git Thermite:
Gofer it
smalltalkhubUser: ‘ronsaldo’ project: ‘GitHubAPI’;
configurationOf: ‘GitStats’;
For visualizing a GitHub pull request, you can use the dialog on the World menu -> Git Thermite -> Visualize pull request.
The GitHub access credential can be entered through the System Settings. I  recommend to generate a GitHub API secret token instead of using your GH password for the access token. https://github.com/blog/1509-personal-api-tokens
Because this project is for my Master Thesis, and I need to gather experimental data to validate the visualization, I will ask to the people at Lille to not experiment   with this tool until I test it with you during the next two weeks at Lillle.
The current implementation is quite hackish because I am building this in an exploratory way. Later I will make a full rewrite to clean the tool and make it easy to extend and experiment with more visualizations with it.
Best regards,

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