[ann] moldable editor – transcript with adornments


We are happy to announce that the moldable editor helped us create a richer transcript: GT Transcript.
The transcript is traditionally a stream of plain text. As we now have an elaborate editor, we can take advantage of it to help us display richer representations.
The API is backward compatible with the existing transcript. To enable the new features, we introduced a builder. For example:
transcript nextPutAll: ‘something’
transcript next putAll: ‘something’
and after #next we can add multiple attributes that we want to affect the following insertion of a text.
Below you can find an example detailing most of the API. The most notable additions is the support for expandable adornments. For example, #showException: provides an in-place expansion of the stack of the exception context.
To get an idea of how this tool can be useful, take a look at the following video showing the visual logging of a Bloc animation:
The code can be found in the new incarnation of GToolkit:
Iceberg enableMetacelloIntegration: true.
Metacello new
baseline: ‘GToolkit’;
repository: ‘github://feenkcom/gtoolkit/src‘;
The feenk team

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