Workflow engine open sourced by netstyle

Hi everyone,

Stef has asked me whether Netstyle would release our workflow engine to the public, so here goes:
Workflow (originally called “Aare”) was conceived as part of an application that Netstyle developed back in the day. We can’t release all of that code but we can release the engine. I’ve published it on Github with an MIT license (loadable via baseline):
Please note:
– Workflow used to depend on OmniBase for storing objects (one of the main superclasses inherited from an OmniBase class for that). I’ve removed that dependency.
– As this only includes the engine, there’s no UI and the things shown in the whitepaper (see repository) are technically correct but are missing the appropriate model (the UI was written with Magritte and Morphic).
– The code is from 2005 and we haven’t touched it since then, so there might be a couple of hiccups.
– We can’t provide full support for the code but I’ll be happy to talk to anyone interested in maintaining or improving it.
We at Netstyle hope that Workflow may be useful to some of you.

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