About Pharo Newsletter

As you for sure know, we have now a good monthly rhythm with the newsletter.
And the number of subscribers is growing!
If you have ideas for the next newsletters (August is done and will be posted soon, but we need
content for September and later…)
We need both small and larger items. Example for smaller news:
– announcements of new libraries
– new releasese
– links to videos
– links to blog posts
And larger items. These have not just the title and link, but a short description and if possible a picture.
(If you look at the older newsletters it should be clear what is needed).
Another idea I had: we could even have “complete takeover’ of a newsletter by someone who wants to
edit a newsletter for one specific topic. This can be about one project, or just a “theme”  (e.g.
“cloud deployment with Pharo”)
if you are interested —> send a mail to board@pharo.org
Marcus Denker

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