Another supercool enhancement in bootstrap

we are checking a huge pull request #177 ( that will change some basics of the bootstrap process:
Now we will bootstrap a smaller image that will not include compiler/parser. Compiler and related packages are exported and loaded using a binary exporter named Hermes.
The compiler is then used to load FileSystem and Monticello. The rest of the bootstrap process will be the same as before.
As the result we will have faster bootstrap and better system modularization and possibilities.
It required some modularization efforts:
– simplified initialization scripts
– Use Zinc converters and encoders instead of FilePathEncoder and old TextConverter
– Use Stdio instead of FileStream
– Using File instead of FileSystem
– Deprecated FileStream & childs (Moved to Deprecated70)
– Extracted Path classes to their on package: FileSystem-Path
– Moved OpalEncoders to their own package. They are required by the runtime (not only for compilation)
– Introduced AsciiCharset in the kernel to answer to #isLetter #isUppercase and so on without requiring full Unicode tables from the beginning
– Cleaning up a bit the full exception logging infrastructure (streams, transcript, files, stack printing…)
– Split Ring methods required for system navigation to the Ring-Navigation package
– Remove usages of #translated in the kernel
– Refactored the bootstrapping classes to remove duplications
– Cleaning up dependencies in CompiledMethod>>printOn:
– fix path printing
We need to merge these changes at once and of course it can cause some conflicts with the existing pull requests or external code. Anyway, we need to merge it as soon as possible.
So please, try to look at the PR and test the resultant image [1] to avoid some major problems.
— Pavel

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