SmartTests call for users

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a new plugin for Nautilus/Calypso that will help us with the test.

The goal is to provide us the selection of tests we should run after a modification.

It would be great if you accept to try it or want to use it.

Currently, by installing the plugin, when you select a method in Calypso or Nautilus, you will see a new critique that will offer you to run the test relative to the method you’ve selected (or class ^^ )

Another goal is to calculate the efficient of this new tool and how we will use it. It’s why I’ve also developed a plugin that will record  how we will use the plugin.

If you accept to help me. Please tell me ( so i will be able to estimate how many data I will obtain ).

Now the commands.

If you’d like to help me. The command is simple :

Metacello new

    smalltalkhubUser: ‘badetitou’ project: ‘TestsUsageAnalyser-CoraExtends’;

    configuration: ‘TestsUsageAnalyser_CORAExtends’;

    version: #stable;



If you’d like to use the plugin or just want to try it. It’s also simple

Metacello new

    smalltalkhubUser: ‘badetitou’ project: ‘CORA’;

    configuration: ‘CORA’;

    version: #stable;



For the version with Calypso ( because it’s cool ).

Metacello new

    smalltalkhubUser: ‘badetitou’ project: ‘CORA’;

    configuration: ‘CORA_Calypso’;

    version: #stable;



So, if you want to help me and use calypso you should run the first and the third command.

Options for the plugin are available in the settings of Pharo in the group : ‘TestRegression’. So you can extend the plugin with your own logic of testing strategy. 

To disable the spy (first package) in the option please uncheck ‘Test Usage Analyser’

I’m going to write a blog post that will explain all the plugin and how to use it.

If you find bugs ( But there are no bugs 😉 ) please tell me and i will fix it as soon as possible.

If you’d like that I add a feature, tell me too.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Benoît Verhaeghe


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