Iceberg 0.5.1 with Pull Request review tool

I just released Iceberg version 0.5.1 with a Pull Request tool Guille and I worked on since yesterday.
It allows you to list open Pull Requests (by right click on a repo, GitHub/Review pull requests… option):
And then if you doubleclick on one (or select it with right button), you will see this:
it allows you to see changes and
– merge changes into your image (in case you want to see more in details the code, run tests, etc.)
– accept a pull request
– reject a pull request
no, it does not shows (at least *yet*) comments, and it does not allows you to add comments, reviews, etc.
this could be done, but not time to implement it now, so for now this has to be enough.
Again, this can be loaded in a 6.0 image by executing this script:
#(‘Iceberg-UI’ ‘Iceberg-Plugin’ ‘Iceberg-Metacello-Integration’ ‘Iceberg-Libgit’ ‘Iceberg’ ‘BaselineOfIceberg’ ‘LibGit-Core’ ‘BaselineOfLibGit’) do: [ :each | each asPackage removeFromSystem ].
Metacello new
  baseline: ‘Iceberg’;
  repository: ‘github://pharo-vcs/iceberg:v0.5.1‘;
(and you still need to have the vm that is meant for Pharo7)
This tools are open for you to use on your projects… and to improve them, I accept pull requests on pharo-vcs/iceberg.

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