PharoCloud Ephemeric Cloud updates


Some updates on Ephemeric Cloud development:

1) Ephemeric cloud moved from OVH to Digital Ocean. In theory this opens an
opportunity to run instances in different datacenter regions of DO. I think
about adding a node in Frankfurt. Any thoughts?

2) Added support for Pharo 6 (32 bits only for now). Pharo 6 is particularly
slow in read-only environments, so… now environment is writable. All
changes are written to memory and reset on restart. Kind of works, Pharo 6
images are starting in 1-2 seconds (after initial load which may take for
like 10 seconds). I migrated all my apps to the Pharo 6 and seems to work
fine now.

3) Added custom ports support. Now it is possible to expose any additional
ports needed for your Image. If you set an integer array to property
“customPorts” system will expose and forward to these ports on start of the
instance. Public addresses of the exposed ports are available on
“mappedPorts”. Note that public addresses are changed every start (and not
accessible on stopped Images).

4) As result now you can remotely connect, debug and control Images running
at PharoCloud using PharmIDE:
This is so awesome! Thank you to Denis for his great work on PharmIDE:
Please try it and tell me if it works for you.

5) Completely new http gate for ephemerics. Instead of golang version now it
is run on nginx + lua. This allows virtually all features to work. Like

6) Optimized Image upload should give pretty good boost in sending new
Images to cloud.

Just a reminder: to get free access to the cloud you can use your Pharo
Association account or register at pharocloud main site. You can log in

Docs can be found here:

Looking forward for feedback.


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