While waiting for the PullRequest menu in Pharo70


Of course we just want you to have to

  • enter a bug entry
  • and create a pullrequest using a magic button to send a fix to Pharo.

Now before getting there, here is a description of what we will use.



we still do not have official guidelines but this should help you:
1) you need own fork of pharo-project/pharo repository
2) clone pharo-project/pharo into directory named “pharo-core” in your working directory. You can do it from Iceberg (Clone repository) or by this script:
Iceberg enableMetacelloIntegration: true.
target := ‘pharo-core’ asFileReference ensureCreateDirectory.
repository := IceRepositoryCreator new
remote: (IceRemote url: ‘git@github.com:pharo-project/pharo.git’);
location: target;
repository backend checkoutBranch: ‘master’.
repository addRemote: (IceRemote name: ‘myFork’ url: ‘git@github.com:yourGitHubAccount/pharo.git’).
repository register.
Do not forget to change your fork URL. If you will do  it from Iceberg, you need to add remote manually.
3) set your fork remote as default push remote
4) create issue on FogBugz. You will obtain issue number e.g. 12345
5) in repository context menu in Iceberg and do Pharo-Create new branch from FogBugz issue, you will enter the issue number and the dialog wil fill the full branch name
6) do you changes and commit (and push) them to your fork repository
7) in repository context menu in Iceberg do: Pharo-Create pull request. Login, by default the title will be set to the branch name, let it be, comment is not needed. “From” will be your fork and your issue branch. “To” will be pharo-project/pharo and “development” branch
8) as soon as you create the pull request, add URL to this pull request to the FogBugz issue and mark it as resolved (fix review needed).
You need not to do it exactly this way, e.g. you can create the pull request from Github web interface, but the pull request name must contain the the issue number. And your issue must contain link to the pull request.
— Pavel

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