Pompeii Volcanic Graphics, a mesh based 2D graphics API


I am releasing a first version of a new 2D graphics API that I am making for Pharo, using OpenGL.


This 2D graphics API is not vectorial based becase it does not use SVG style paths. This API is triangle mesh based, so it is more friendlier with the GPU than Athens or Sparta.

With this API I did a basic gui toolkit, with only two widgets: buttons and label. I did this Widget toolkit to not mess with Bloc, and because I need something relatively stable for the Woden 2 level editor. For now, I am leaving this widget toolkit mostly as a demo. Hopefully it is possible to make Bloc backend using this API.

During the process of making this API, I had to fix several bugs with OSWindow, and bugs in the interaction between OSWindow and OpenGL. The biggest problem was a race condition between the creation of an OSWindow using SDL2, and the events (such as Expose) that are sent to the just created Window.

As for Mac OS X, OSWindow is out of service until a pull request ( https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/pull/138 ) gets integrated into the VM.

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