Git Tool Migration

With Iceberg knocking on the door, migration from SmalltalkHub to Git(Hub/Lab/…) has become relevant once more.

And that’s why I wrote git-migration tool to help you move on to greener pastures.
Among other things described in the too-long-didn’t read README:
the tool will generate git-fast-import (a special format for fast git imports) file that can be easily and quickly applied on your git repository.
All commits are preserved in their proper order, and merges (commits with multiple parents) are also converted to git merges.
So far I’ve tested it on my custom intentionally broken repository, and PolyMath.
PolyMath has 784 commits in 74 packages; it took Pharo about 3 minutes to process all SmalltalkHub commits and generate 87MB file; git then imported the file in less than a second.
The tool also provides you with a bunch of visualizations that can help you analyze your SmalltakHub history and investigate problems.
(trees of all packages in the PolyMath repository)
More things could be desired (e.g. even better performance), so feel free to open issues, ideally with pull requests. 😉
Peter Uhnak

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