The Pharo booklet collection is arriving…

Hi Pharoers

You are lucky. The “Pharo booklet collection” edited by S. Ducasse is arriving…

Are you ready to read nice and focused booklets?

You can find at in beta version:

  • Smacc: the Smalltalk Compiler Compiler by J. Brant, T. Goubier, J. Lecerf and S. Ducasse.
  • Glorp: the Object Relational Mapper framework by E. Maringolo, N. Pratt and R. Withney

All the book material is hosted on so you can contribute! Fix typos and propose new material.

We are planning a booklet on Magritte, Reddit in 10 cool classes, Voyage, and Mocking with BabyMock and Mocketry, XML (but we need a writer) and potentially PetitParser.

If you have material for a tutorial and you would like to be part of the Pharo Booklet Collection contact S. Ducasse.

S. Ducasse


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