Pharo Sprint App to improve coordination during Pharo Sprint


We are happy to announce a new application called Pharo Sprint App. The main idea of the application comes from the whiteboard that have been used during Pharo Sprints and was also adopted in Chile.
As the Pharo Sprint is organized in several places around the world, we miss the connection with other guys. For that reason we decided to move the physical whiteboard to the internet and developed Pharo Sprint App.
How does it work? Participants choose a case from the ‘proposed’ or ‘all’ list. Once they are done, they move it to the ‘done’ list. We believe that the application will encourage other people, especially newcomers, to join us during the events and have a fun, together with other developers.
How To Use It?
• Execute the image, using the corresponding VM for Pharo 6
• Run the application from World Menu / Communication / Pharo Sprint
• Login, using your FogBugz account, wait a bit, then choose a case and have a happy programming 🙂

Everybody participating in the sprints should use the Pharo Sprint image.

The upcoming event is on Friday April 28
The application is deployed in Pharo 6 (32 and 64bits). More details are available at:
I will appreciate any feedback.
Have a fun! 🙂

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