More enhancements before release…


19874 URL in ZnCharacterEncoderTests>>#testByteEncoderFromUrl must be changed

19868 RBMoveMethodToClassRefactoring not works with class side methods

19862 Evaluating code in a diff morph raise an error

19864 Add support for Server Name Indication (SNI) to Zodiac/SSLPlugin
19863 RBMoveMethodToClassRefactoring reset method protocol

19857 add option #argsAsArray

19809 Failing test: WeakAnnouncerTest>>#testNoDeadWeakSubscriptions

19856 FileReference { #spotterPreviewItemsIn: . #spotterPreviewZipItemsIn: } relies on #doesNotUnderstand:

19854 Rename refactoring from source code by cmd r should support all kind of ast nodes

19850 OrderedCollection Inspector indexes not right for similar items

19847 removeLink: needs to invalidate

19842 add simple api for testing if a link is installed in a node

19841 Format as you read can produce confusing “contents has been modified” questions

19843 add simple demo of logging self sends

19844 remove some trivial duplicated code from TabsExample>>#open

19845 add printOn: to ReflectiveMethod

19846 Make spotter work with ReflectiveMethods.
19839 add support for signedByteAt:signedByteAt:put:

19837 Epicea: integrate release 8.1.3


– Log browser:
* Display changes in a FastTableModel instead of a TreeModel, much faster for many changes.
* Remove “x filtered entries” display as well as “See 50 more” and “See all” buttons, to make the list of changes look more as a standard list (to the user eyes). Also, implementation was not nice.
* Big code clean up.
* Show number of active filters in tab (small visual improvement).
* Increase initial width.
– Fix case 19737: class removal annoucement now comes after class is renamed to AnObsolete (workaround).
– Fix case 19263: Catch all errors on redo and undo.
– Merge with fix to case 19819 by Denis. Thanks!
– Multiple code clean-ups
* Code Critic runs.
* Reduce direct explicit references to EpMonitor.
* Others.
– Add tests of apply and revert changes.
– Split EpLog into a new superclass to conform a hierarchy, which has now EpSorterLog.
– Ombu:
* Shutdown flush should be performed by all OmDeferrers, not only by all OmSessionStores.
* Workaround needed because can”t get real file stream position from ZnBufferedWriteStream (+ would need special care of WideStrings).
* Remove OmDirectoryStore and OmCompositeStore since they are not used anymore (continuous-style EpPriorView was the user).
* The Ston”s OmEntryReader should not receive the stream as parameter and then store it in the Ston reader. This produced was confussing and produced concurrency issues.
19838 ZnMonticelloServerDelegate>>#repositoryListing sends self self

19668 importIcons:fromFolder:inClass:category: sends unimplemented methods

19833 CairoLibrary unix module location assumptions too restrictive
19826 Off by one error in FTTableContainerMorph>>#calculateStartIndexWhenShowing:

19828 Class side methods + hierarchy selection eats the selected class.
19834 Error in horizontal scrollbar

19831 catalog refresh retrieves an empty collection

19823 exported source of the package MonticelloFileTree-Core in pharo-core repository contains strange extension
19822 ScriptingExtensions tests must be standalone

19809 Failing test: WeakAnnouncerTest>>#testNoDeadWeakSubscriptions

19786 MonticelloFileTree-Core package exported to Git contains a strange extension

19825 circular dependency between Renraku and Refactoring-Critics

19824 fix #scrollBarDownButtonBoundsFor: calculation

19819 Epicea browser doesnt refresh when tests produce code changes
19814 OSPlatform current needs to differentiate 32 and 64 bits

19821 loading of the BaselineOfIDE is broken

This brings changes to the inspector, debugger and fast table renderer for glamour.
Detailed changes:

– added support for refresh in the Inspector/Playground. The refresh uses the stepping mechanism from Morphic. There exists a setting to start/stop the refresh. Each presentation can decide if it wants refresh or not.

– the Glamour renderer for fast table uses now a LRUCache for storing the string representation returned by the #format: block. This is disabled by default and configureable per presentation. By default it is enabled for the Raw presentation and the collection presentations.

– the debugger now offers access to variables defined in the playground when debugging code from the playground

– the inspector uses GTInspectorVariableNode to model variables in the Raw view.

– fixed inspector issues with collections

Also fixes issues:
– case 18899 Raw presentation from the debugger inspector raises error when the rawSelection comes from another presentation
– case 17949 Missing evaluator presentation for the current context in debugger
– case 19753 Disappearing content in the context inspector from GTDebugger when tags are used
– case 19720 Add method scoped [Evaluator] tab to debugger
– case 14569 GTInspector should do live updates of objects and their slots
19816 Packages postfix must be removed

19815 BaselineOfBasicTools still loads Polymorph-TaskbarIcons

19807 Assert:equals: rule should target only tests

19801 Remove SublimishTheme

19809 Failing test: WeakAnnouncerTest>>#testNoDeadWeakSubscriptions

19799 Nautilus rebuilds the package view twice when adding a new protocol

19810 Non weak announcements in the SystemAnnouncer
19793 SHTextStylerST80 always parser code as method if workspace is nil

19797 Add access methods in PharoCommonTools instead of using DNU

19796 Remove duplicate code from SublimishTheme

18785 FileList: filter field does not show the actual filter

19795 Fix PackageTasksPlugin


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