Pillar 4.0.7 for Pharo 50 is out


We are happy to announce a new version of Pillar for Pharo 50 and 60.
Thanks Maxime Roelandt for the help.
     – Now we can rebuild the mooc slides (the metadata is correctly handled)
     – The double walking of the tree fixes by Yann Dubois is integrated.
     – We checked and we can produce HTML, books and slides
The version 4.0.7 will be the last stable version for Pharo 50.
On Pharo 60 we will start a large cleaning. Here is the list:
– integrate AST tokens fixed by Doru.

– decouple the installer logic from the command-line work made by Maxime.
– remove the DNU tricks for magritte elements.
– repackage and minimize dependencies (the core of Pillar should not depend on magritte).
– package a minimal core that could be used for class comments.
– document architecture and phases.
– remove the “optimisation hell” produced by metadata vs. data. (KISS principle please).
– make sure that ecstatic can be reexpressed on top of the new system.
– make sure citezen components and smart publication ecstatic plugin can work
– remove dependency to git script in the book template.
– add test block so that we can run the tests of a book automatically.
If you want to help you are welcome.
Pillar can be a really sexy Pharo showcase.

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