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Consortium action 13 / 17 Feb

17 February 2017:

* I spent sometime working on UFFI and 64bits.

Sometime ago I started this and found a problem that I talked with Eliot, you can found the rational [here]( (we need to model in some way the fact that longs have different sizes in different platforms, notably LP64 and LLP64).

In that discussion, with Eliot we proposed to add a new FFI type, a +platformLong+ who will behave as expected. I started to implement but didn’t have the time to finish it and I needed to jump to other  stuff. In the mean time, Ronie found a different workaround: instead adding support in the VM, just map  in image the type to correct size.

This is how it will work:

|FFI type


|long long


I guess I need to work on the exporter for tables 😉

Ensuring this mappings happens when compiling an UFFI method (and a structure, etc.) we can workaround the plugin limitation.

So I worked taking Ronie’s work, extended it to structures and added my own work on mapping structures  in a ‘platform-agnostic’ way: the idea is to take values by ‘offset’ instead the constant value as it was done up to now. On ‘structure-compilation time’ (it happens first time structure is used on a session), it calculates also the correct field access offsets and structure size.

This is mostly working, it just lacks some testing and pushing it to image… then I can start prepare Athens, SDL2 and libgit2 bindings to work both in 32 and 64 bits 🙂
16 February 2017:

* I continue enhancing [iceberg]( as much as I can, waiting to +0.4 release+ (that should be very soon).

I added a couple of new things:

* capability of plugins to extend “remotes panel” of repositories browser (so we can have options there)
* added a new GitHub option: remove old branches dialog.
* and I started a refactor of GitHub plugin to use a command-pattern hierarchy instead polluting the plugin.

Rationale of plugin action addition is simple: if we receive a lot of bugfixes in the form of a pull request, it means people will be spawning branches all over the place, those branches can stay there a lot of time but eventually, is good to clean up a bit. Now we can do this cleaning from Pharo 🙂

This is not just useful but it shows the power we can achieve by extending iceberg with plugins for different purposes 😉
15 February 2017:

* I spent some time bringing back some functionality I implemented for [voyage]( a lot of time ago (like 4 years) that went missing because of lack of use. This is a “dynamic singleton access strategy”… something like that, more or less…

The idea of this is, sometimes you need to have more than one repository active in an image, but you still want to use the singleton strategy (because is a lot cooler doing something like Person selectOne: [ … ]  instead of myRepository selectOne: Person where: […].

Voyage always allowed different container strategies, even if in master implementation there is just one, VOSingletonContainer. Now I added another called VODynamicContainer and this allow to take the repository from a ‘dynamic variable’ called VOCurrentRepository.

So, for instance, when you have a seaside application where each user works on his own database, you can create a filter of the way:
VoyageFilter>>handleFiltered: aRequestContext
value: self obtainUserRepository
during: [ self next handleFiltered: aRequestContext ]

^ self session
propertyAt: #voyageRepository
ifAbsentPut: [ VOMongoRepository database: (self session propertyAt: #username) ]

… and you will handle your application as if your repository would be a singleton.

To make this work, the only thing you need is to configure your repository this way:
VORepository repositoryContainer: VODynamicContainer new
14 February 2017:

* I lost all day digging the problem with FFICallbackTests on windows platforms.

The problem occurs when going back to the image from a callback context ‘when calling the tests’. Is important to remark this because other systems using a lot of callbacks are working fine (notably iceberg, the libgit2 bindings use callbacks as an important part of his design). Also +Athens+ (who uses callbacks to provide some values cairo lib needs) is working correctly too.

So, I’m tempted to think it may be a problem with +MinGW+ implementation of +qsort+ function, and we use it to test the callbacks… anyway, I will keep digging when I find some more time, for now is enough to constate it is not being a problem for windows users (unless, of course, they need to use qsort 😉 )
13 February 2017:

* I worked on a plugin for iceberg that will take the place of the old “create SLICE”… so far is a very simple plugin that does exactly wjat the slice creator did: takes an issue number and gets the title from it, to conform a branch name called 12345-issue-title-here.

With this change (pull request [here](, all pieces to replace the old fix process are there:

* adding remotes (so you can clone pharo and use your remote as temporal destination)
* creating pull requests (so you can submit your changes in a fancy way)
* creating branches that conforms to our convention (so you can create branches as we like them 😉

… all this in an easy way (at least for me, heh).

It remains, of course, test everything and enhance it with user feedback, but we will be starting that next week.

* I finally finished restoring testing phase to [VM building](
The purpose of this is, of course, to notice regressions on VMs as soon as we can, and of course, I found
some regressions I needed to fix before being able to have a green build. Most of them were details but:

* there was an important problem with +String+ primitives I needed to dealt with.
* there is a problem on +FFICallback+ for windows who make the test crash (but callbacks works most of the time)

There are, however, still some important problems to fix:

* threaded VM linux cannot be tested because they requiere changing some linux configuration.
* 64bits VMs still cannot be tested because I need to prepare a special image for it.

I will try to fix some of this problems soon, but at least now we are “as we were before” 🙂


SHA256/512 Password Hashing for Pharo 5

Hi all,

I’ve updated my SHA256/512 password hashing library from NativeBoost to the
Pharo 5 FFI, added an authentication database that uses in-image persistence
and a very simple user interface written in Spec.

Blog post:


Constant enhancements

19715 FastTableModel: Cant enable multiple selection

19211 sometimes I can not open changesort: receiver of endswith is nil

19718 Give Random an option to initialize its seed from /dev/random
19708 When test took too much time while forked processes was failed then TestFailedByForkedProcesses should be signalled

19714 Force migration of instances of EphemeronLayout and ImmediateLayout
19010 ImmediateLayout and EphemeronLayout have wrong object format

19710 Monticello should ignore the class definition of Context

19711 RPackage should not strongly depend on Monticello

19709 add example ComputedSlot

19707 remove Object>>#name hack in the BaselineOfIDE

19706 remove MBConfigurationInfoTest>>#testInitialization

19704 [Memory leak] Clipboard can produce memory leaks
19703 add empty ShortRunArray to Deprecated60
19698 Scoped button with a more meaningful tooltip

18760 Failing test: WeakAnnouncerTest>>#testNoDeadWeakSubscriptions

19183 ZnLogEvent open is broken

19701 Watchpoint should not ask for name

19700 testTimeStamp should not use hardcoded timestamp

19699 testProtocol should not test timestamp
19695 UUID>>#readHexFrom: accidentally overwrites an inherited method

19510 Nautilus Hierarchy view of superclasses does not show all the superclasses

19693 GTEventRecorder should be documented

19696 Debug world menu still use “Workspace” but open a playgound.
19689 Add method comments to cool block messages

19687 Improve UUID documentation, implementation and test coverage

19691 TabMorph background building animation should be in more priority than building process

19690 Help on Help includes examples that are not executable
18778 FileList “View as” does not work

19670 The tree widget for FastTable jumps to the selected element when expanding or collapsing a node

19630 Epicea Lost Changes Detector: MNU OmNullReference>>globalName

19674 Remove UUIDGenerator and rename NeoUUIDGenerator to UUIDGenerator

19681 #signalerContext should use #method, not #methodNode

19312 haltIf: should use recursionstopper

18722 GlobalIdentifier used for system settings persistence

19659 Tooltips of the class button does not changed
19677 Cannot parallel trace through same method

FileExists error in certain cases due to Epiciea vs new UUID

19673 Use NeoUUIDGenerator for UUID generation

19672 Cleanup some (Neo)UUIDGenerator dependencies
19680 DNU bug in SLICE 18901

19679 STON Update Feb 2017

19678 Zn Update Feb 2017

19671 The button “Class” stays blue until the cursor leaves it when switching to instance side view

19664 Removing a package with extensions let the extensions in the system and break their reload
19661 When coding in the debugger I get an error sourceNodeExecuted
18271 BaselineOfFileTree is in the old version

18837 RBParser should not crash when parsing a faulty method node

19655 Handle events during progressBar usage

18783 FileList: selected directory is changed after selecting a different folder

18699 MessageBrowser>>#wrapItem: may send #name to nil, raising Deprecated

This version addresses some bug fixes and synchronises those packages integrated using slices with the GToolkit repos. Changes:

– case 19575
– case 19646
– case 19604
– case 19542
– case 19260
– case 19454
– FastTable/List/Tree presentations can set rowHeight.
– Set to the Source presentation of a Context object doItReceiver and doItContext.
19651 showing a progress dialog each time I want to make an expandAll is incorrect
13159 ListDialogWindow – Grow Width to Fit List

19620 Unload Tool-TxWorkspace
18232 Breakpoints cannot be toggled in Nautilus method pane

19641 CantFindOriginError when Source file is missing on Windows

19632 TabMorph should defer only notification about ready morph
19635 DisplayScreen has depth 1 on Linux
19635 DisplayScreen has depth 1 on Linux

19634 WriteBarrier mirror methods should be moved to MirrorPrimitives
17352 DisplayScreen should have a class initialization method

19544 Better method comment for RubEditingMode>>interactive

19614 Better names for NoModificationError and friends

18767 Remove external dependencies from Collection-Tests

19325 Warning: dependency declared not detected as a dependency

19624 Wrong deprecated message in ifEmpty:ifNotEmptyDo:

19625 Catalog: loaded config should not be displayed with white icon

19129 Deprecation: The method Object>>name called from ClassHierarchyTest>>#testSubclasses has been deprecated.

Pharo papers

I was mildly curious about how many papers touched on Pharo.

1,110 on google scholar for…
“pharo” “programming”

1,630 on normal google for…
“pharo” “programming” “abstract” “introduction” “conclusion”
“references” filetype:pdf

Probably a lot of overlap between them.
cheers -ben

Consortium action 6 feb/12 feb


This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 6 February 2017 to 12 February 2017.
You can see it in a better format by going here:


9 February 2017:

* I finished the work started yesterday and now there is a [Pull Request](
enabling the use of SSH for iceberg

8 February 2017:

* I worked with Pablo on *iceberg*, in [issue 275]( (enable
use of ssh-agent). It is very important to provide an easy way to use the tool (otherwise you need to provide
your username/password, and there is people who do not like this).

After one afternoon of hard work, we now have an “almost” working version, as you can see
This thing in fact should be working, but there are still some UI missing stuff and it is not validated on
other platforms (linux and windows)… ut it ‘should’ work… we’ll see tomorrow

7 February 2017:

* I’m working on restore the testing of VM builds, and so far linux tests are passing. There are some problems
in macOS (probably due to missing chunks when performing the merge), and windows is still not tested at all.

So, I will work tomorrow on those to see if we can have finished the process this week: I need to have a stable
VM to continue with iceberg development (users will need to have a new VM, so better to have it tested :P)

6 February 2017:

* Working a bit on VM, I integrated a [pull request]( that
will enhance the build process in linux platforms.

This was submited by [Holger](, and is part of his work to create VM package versions.


Inspector performance improvement


Andrei and Alex did a great job at improving the performance and scalability of the inspector.

There are a couple of main improvements:
– Added FastTable support for the Raw presentation for all objects. This implied completing the support for the tree presentation binding to fast table.
– Moved the Items presentation for collections to FastTable.
– Improved the rendering of Glamour to no longer rely on the default Morph>>#adoptPaneColor. It turns out that using adoptPaneColor triggers a relayout of the morph, even if it is not visible. We extended PanelMorph in the context of Glamour with a less needy logic.

I will not tell you how fast it is. I would rather want you to play with it :).

The change is already in the Moose image. It is not yet in Pharo, but it will be soon. In the meantime you can be load it in Pharo 6 like this:

Gofer new
smalltalkhubUser: ‘Moose’ project: ‘GToolkit’;
package: ‘ConfigurationOfGToolkitCore’;
(#ConfigurationOfGToolkitCore asClass project version: #stable) load

To play with it, try this with both the current version and the new one and the Spec Inspector if you want (just make sure you save the image beforehand):

collection := (1 to: 100000000) asArray.
[collection inspect] timeToRun.

collection := (1 to: 100000000).
[collection inspect] timeToRun.

(for these two ones notice that Items do not appear at all in the old implementation)

[World inspect] timeToRun.

There are still a couple of issues open, such as the sorting of the columns. We would need your help with testing this, and report possible missing issues.


“Obvious things are difficult to teach.”

Book Farm back in shape


I realised that jenkins dropped the connection to the github repositories of the books and that they were not updated.
You can find my current evening occupation: Learning OOP with Pharo 🙂
I fixed some problems in UnifiedFFI and clean a bit before restarting to work on Pillar.
And we get more green books job.

Consortium action 30 Jan/5 Feb


This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 30 January 2017 to 5 February 2017.
You can see it in a better format by going here:


3 February 2017:

*    Still on [iceberg](, this time I addresed two issues:

* [issue 269](, which is an improvement on the way we visualise trees (showing just those that have changes, this is very important in big repositories)
* [issue 270](, which addreses a problem I left there when working on multi-remotes: it was showing incorrect data between the real outgoing commits and the ones shown in the browser.

I made a couple of pull requests with them (yep, still using the plugin I developed yesterday :P)

2 February 2017:

*    I spent last two days working on adapt [Iceberg]( infrastructure to accept

Well… not totally true. What in fact I made was to *start* to program a way to add plugins, which for now
are just allowed in repositories pane on repositories browser. But well, the rudiments are there.

What actually took most of my time was the development of the first plugin (you know, I do not believe too much
on “developments in abstract”, I need concrete cases to test my ideas): an Pull Request creator. With this, you
can do from iceberg the same kind of work you do in github web page 🙂

So, now you can have a beutiful pull request dialog, along with several validations… Now, you may wonder why
I needed to develop such kind of tool (after all, you can always go to the web page and do the same). And the
answer is that in the new process we are starting to create for Pharo, we need to be able to do things like:

. create a fix
. create a branch from pharo-core sources, named for example issue-12345 (something that would usually belong to a SLICE)
. sends commits to that branch while working on the issue
. send a Pull Request of the issue (what now is to commit the SLICE to inbox and changing status on the bug tracker)

so, to make this process easy, we need to be able to complete the full cycle from Pharo, exactly as we do it now.

Pull Requests are a necessary step to fulfill this requirement.

31 January 2017:

*    Working on [iceberg](, I fixed a bug that happened when trying to clone a recently created repository
(without branchs yet).