Trick to get one single menu

Hi Pablo,

Concerning the World menu you first define your menu in a method, and
tag it with a dedicated pragma, for example in Dr. Geo I wrote:

worldMenu: aBuilder
(aBuilder item: ‘New’ translated)
action: [DrGeo newFullScreen];
icon: ThemeIcons current smallNewIcon;
order: 0.
(aBuilder item: ‘Open’ translated)
action: [DrGeo openFigureThumbnail: nil];
icon: ThemeIcons current smallOpenIcon;
order: 1.
(aBuilder item: ‘Quit’ translated) action: [DrGeo quit]; order: 999

Then you register this as your new world menu using the pragma name:

WorldState desktopMenuPragmaKeyword: ‘drgeoMenu’.

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