Pharo 6 update catalog entries


in preparation of upcoming Pharo 6 release we already should do a pass on
all our external loadable projects:

– load them into Pharo 6 to see if they could be loaded cleanly
(due to automatic transformation of deprecated messages your packages
get dirty when converted)
– check if they are already/still working in Pharo 6 by using them
– check that the tests are running in Pharo 6
– check that we have a proper config with catalog methods and
that the latest config is in the MetaRepoForPharo60 repository!/~Pharo/MetaRepoForPharo60

I did a pass over most projects I implemented or contributed to
and we now have much more Pharo 6 based projects in catalog:

– Units, Artefact
– EventRecorder, Bugzilla, PunQlite, HubCap, VistaCursors, INIFile
– Pomodoro, DesktopManager, QuickAccess, WebBrowser, MessageFlowBrowser
– ScriptManager (now with icons)
– Tealight, Teapot, Nginx, NPMJS, GitHubAPI, FogBugz
– OSWindows, OSOSX, OSUnix, OSLinuxCentOS, OSLinuxUbuntu, OSRaspbian
– …

You should do the same with your projects!

Also if you have a project on SqueakSource, STHub or GitHub that
is not yet in the catalog it would be good to provide a ConfigurationOf…
with a catalog description. Using Versionner it is easy to create one
or generate the required catalog methods.

This would give more visibility to your projects!



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