More Enhancements for Pharo 60

19601 [Epicea] Epicea monitor is off by default

19600 [Epicea] OmNullReference shuld provide #globalName

19590 Integrate new Epicea release
19593 TClassDescription>>#isTestCase should be in SUnit-Core

19558 GtDebugger should not call #updateSelectionInterval in #updateBrowser

19596 move #outerMostContext to the KernelPackage

19597 move #definitionForNautilus &co. to the Kernel

19595 Protocol *GT-SpotterExtensions-Core-private in MCWorkingCopy should be moved to accessing

19594 isTestMethods &co. should be SUnit extensions, not part of Nautilus

19574 update BaselineOfIDE
19554 #~~ should be a primitive and a compile-time inlined selector to be consistent with #==

19573 more rigid ThemeIcons defaultUrl

19534 Unify Epicea UIs
19556 Glamour version 4.31

– fixes example GLMBasicExamples>>#morphWithCustomInteraction
– adds example GLMBasicExamples>>#changingTabsInComposite
– case 19505 Setting the selection using #initialize: does not work in a pharo script presentation.
– case 19504 Glamour should preserve the selection when updating a text presentation
– Put example browser into World / Help menu.
– better tests for the FT renderer in Glamour
– synchronize packages with Pharo
19570 QA 3.3.0

19557 GTDebugger should use FastTable in the object inspector for thisContext

19561 Drag&Drop FastTable Example Does Not Work

19536 “Instance variables not read and written” critique false positive on classes with certain slots

19559 GTMoldableDebugger>>updateBrowser should not call #update

19551 GLMPopper should accept cmd L shortcut to remote popup and cancel text changes

19552 Cancelling changes by cmd L should not request user confirmation

19565 QA v3.2.11
19548 Fix Spec Integration class comments and examples

19545 Add comment about OC translator subclasses (for effect / for value)

19555 Nautilus should sort all binary methods before non-binary methods

19550 Typo in settings: Popup notifaction –> Popup notification

19509 controling class assignment

19515 complileSilently:classified: method does not set properly the package

19217 Add printOn: method on WeakAnnouncementSubscription to improve readibility

19540 TabMorph should refresh content in background by defer message

19532 Improve TBehaviour >> lookupSelector:

19501 GlobalIdentifierTest leaves a file present in $data directory

19531 Latest GTTools integration broke the bootstrap
19521 localMethods should be moved to TBehavior where localSelectors methods are defined

19528 Split larger variable entries in the Variables menu into submenus

19529 Mouseover an empty submenu causes UI lockdown

19526 readString should check NULL condition

19520 Epicea: Tests lacking files cleanup

19514 ConfigurationOfFuel has no latest FuelTests version

19421 Failing test: WeakAnnouncerTest>>#testNoDeadWeakSubscriptions

19512 References to Tab -> should be TabMorph

18729 DNU on showing menu in CriticBrowser (code pane)

19491 ClassRemoved announced when it is not removed from superclass subclasses list

19490 ClassAdded should be announcer after notifying superclass about new subclass

19494 ClassModificationApplied is not announced when traitComposition of class or trait is changed
19493 Load new FastTable config

19488 STONWriterTests>>#testDictionaryWithComplexKeys is order dependent

19495 TabMorph should fork morph building in lesser priority than active process
19486 TabMorph helper method to prevent blinking when morph retrieval is too fast

19469 Debbuging Super call inside a debugger does not call the super method but the self one.

19306 taskbarIcon on class side should be defined only in Object class by using taskbarIconName redefined by subclasses

19479 Typo in name attribute of GRVariableAssignedLiteralRule

19478 Criticsbrowser shows a refactoring class name instead of the text diff

19438 Widen tolerance for DelayScheduler timing tests
19484 BaselineOfMorphic references unexisting class

19483 Add bootstrap specific code in Monticello


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