I am glad announce first initial version of new system browser called Calypso.
It is implemented from scratch with idea to build model suitable for remote scenario.
But as result it leads to more important goal: provide clean implementation of browser which people could understand and evolve.

Calypso supports most features from Nautilus but also miss many of them. And there are many not nicely looking parts of UI which require more work.
But in same time Calypso provides many new cool features with clean implementation underhood. I put many things from other smalltalks and old browsers which I always miss.

I release Calypso in the state where I finish most design decisions which I think important for project evolution.
Of course there are a lot of things to do and improve. But browser is fully working. And now it is important to community to participate in project and make browser great again :). We need escape from Nautilus pasta world.
Please report any ideas/bugs on github page I already fill it with my wishes.

Next step I will work on documentation/class comments and I will publish couple of posts about Calypso internals.

Read more details on my blog. It includes pictures, videos and loading script.

Best regards,


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