Another batch of enhancements

19479 Typo in name attribute of GRVariableAssignedLiteralRule

19478 Criticsbrowser shows a refactoring class name instead of the text diff

19438 Widen tolerance for DelayScheduler timing tests

19484 BaselineOfMorphic references unexisting class

19483 Add bootstrap specific code in Monticello
19480 Update Glamour to version 4.27
18735 DNU on suggestions shortcut in GTDebugger

19432 Promote DelaySpinScheduler from experimental status (part 2)

19438 Widen tolerance for DelayScheduler timing tests
19476 LabelModel default color needs to be theme text color (not hardcoded black)

19473 empty package Spec-SelectEntity can be unloaded

19453 NeoUUIDGenerator>>testTwoSameGenerator – intermittent CI failure

19471 classAffected method for MethodAnnouncement to be polymorphic with other system changes
19472 QA v3.2.10

19433 Display critiques in Nautilus inline

19467 Metalinks: support accessing variables for arguments

19430 Promote DelaySpinScheduler from experimental status (part 1)

19341 New class and method tags API

19464 Clean up Spec-PolyWidgets and Spec-SelectEntity

19462 Remove all classes of BuildUIWithSpec and BuildUIWithSpec-Reuse

19460 Make requestor Scope pluggable

19445 Pattern code ArrayNode matching failure

18935 Rubric warning are not DarkTheme friendly

19455 Testcase for reify receiver for before links
19449 QA v3.2.9 update

19440 No users of TotalCost and subclasses

19447 VersionBrowser always shows single method

19437 Do not log shadowed variables to transcript by default

19450 Suggestion menu not working on MessageBrowser

19441 Better description for MessageNotUnderstood
19442 PharoDocComment

19443 ProtocolAnalyser
19412 SpecDebugger cannot work without Glamour

19428 Silently ignore loading DelayScheduler setting when its the same as existing

19426 TabsManagerMorph improvements
19425 Stack underflow with meta links on message nodes

19284 MetaLink: re-enabling a condition with arguments can not be executed anymore

18994 Komitter should stringify the commit message (breaks GitFileTree)

19421 Failing test: WeakAnnouncerTest>>#testNoDeadWeakSubscriptions

19415 classVariableAdd and classVariableRemove not announce ClassModificationApplied event

19409 ClassTagRemoved is not announced when packageTag is removed when it becomes empty after class is moved

19319 Editing methods in filtered MessageBrowser raise error

19417 Loading new trait methods put them into unclassified category of user classes

19418 Spec TextModel editor has broken cancel operation after first accept

19413 GTInspector/Debugger do not work for large/ toolarge intervals

19420 redu menu item is wrong and not working for rubric

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