Put star on pharo books :)

Do not forget to put nice little stars on our lovely books on github!


Starring a repository allows you to keep track of projects that you
find interesting, even if you aren’t associated with the project. When
you star a repository, you’re actually performing two distinct

* Creating a bookmark for easier access
* Showing appreciation to the repository maintainer for their work

Many of GitHub’s repository rankings depend on the number of stars a
repository has. For example,repositories can be sorted and searched
based on their star count. In addition, the Explore pageshows you
popular repositories based on the number of stars they have.

=Viewing your starred repositories=

You can see all the repositories that you have starred by going to
your stars page. For more information on interacting with your starred
repositories, see “Managing your stars.”


Notifications are not affected when a repository is starred. You won’t
receive any information about a repository you’ve starred, unless
you’re also watching the repository. Activity from starred
repositories don’t show up in your dashboard feed, so you don’t have
to worry about missing important notifications for things you are
working on.

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