Doing one step at a time

19377 Pharo 6 Morph>>#showActions broken

19339 MethodAnnouncement should has methodPackage information and provide packagesAffected and protocolsAffected

19391 FuelPlatform-Core
19365 remove dependency of Catalog on Nautilus

19367 testClassRespectsPolymorphismWithTrait does suppose full image

19295 originAtCenter looks like deadCode

19372 MethodFinderTest is dependent>>#testSearchForAccessAtOne is dependent on result order

17771 Empty stderr/stdout files should be deleted on image shutdown
19361 Morph>>#showActions broken

18330 Fuel still has platform classes in Pharo6 like FLPharo11Platform.

19381 KMSingleKeyCombination should be not printed with forced uppercases

19382 #add:finalizing: in AlienWeakTable sends unexistent message #copyGrownBy

19364 We need to be able to read utf8 strings from ExternalData

19354 FFIExternalStructures allways recompile its accessors in their first use.

19331 ClassRepackaged and MethodRepackaged should be subclassed from ClassAnnouncement and MethodAnnouncement

19349 RPackageAnnouncement should be SystemAnnouncement subclass and work as other system changes

18881 ChangesBrowser executing refactoring changes in wrong order
19360 Deprecated #selector call in MetacelloVersionConstructor>>#verifyVersionImportPragmas:definedIn:

19352 Conflict on package renaming if tag exists

19362 Make OSWindow as optional and unloadable

18918 Typo on welcome screen
19378 Rendering text in athens is broken (still not fixed)

19363 remove dependency of Rubric on SmartSuggestions

19275 Installing / Uninstalling Metalinks clears method list selection

19358 solve Nautilus-Versionner dependency

19373 MethodFinder class>>#methodFor: should provide sorted result

19329 New SystemAnnouncement is needed to signal that class modification was completely installed

19303 Classes should define systemIconName instead of systemIcon

19359 ProtocolRemoved is not announced when Nautilus removes empty protocols
19350 SystemAnnouncer cannot be reset in minimal/bootstrapped Pharo

19328 Undeclared ShortRunArray again

19326 failing test: testClassRespectsPolymorphismWithTrait

19335 Syntax highlighting do not work on methods with primitives that uses “ec”

19340 Can not step over methods with meta links

19343 Spec is now dependent on FastTable

19351 ClassTagAnnouncement is needed to describe operations with class tags
19348 apply automatic deprecation rewrite because of 19347

19333 17 more tests failing due to MockSettings class(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #mocksystemsettings SettingTreeBuilder>>mocksystemse
19338 Revert 18233 (improving Pragma API)
19323 ClassRemoved should provide information about affected package

18233 improving Pragma API

19320 Improve MethodClassifier logic
19251 Interval with step=0 is possible to create but most operations raise non-obvious exceptions

19290 helpAtCenter morphic property is only set to true

19297 Scrollbar lastPaneColor can be turned into an instance variable

19318 Add new Colors package to the BaselineOfPharoBootstrap
19296 PluggableButtonMorph property lastState can be turned into an instance variable

19293 mouseOverBorderStyle property in IconicButton can be turned in instance variables

17456 use fasttable for the add to package MC repository

19313 Move Color to Kernel

19316 Integrate BaselineOfPharoBootstrap

19299 Missing border after dragging out of a window group

18286 Provide notice of missing package description in CatalogBrowser

19309 RBSourceRegexRefactoring calls not existing method on RBClass

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