Chip8 Emulator

Pharo is a great community. Thursday I asked if we got an emulator for Chip8 ( and I started to code it but got sick and Monday Henrik sent a little mail with a full implementation. Super cool 🙂!/~Latsabben/Chip8

Do not let your kids get close to your keyboard and have fun.

| program emulator |
“C8Programs downloadGamesPackZophar.”
program := C8Programs programNamed: ‘ZopharPack:PONG’.
emulator := C8Emulator new.
emulator loadProgram: program.
emulator asMorph
extent: 800@600;
primaryColor: Color gray;
secondaryColor: Color black;
disabledColor: (Color orange alpha: 0.3);
instructionsPerStep: 10;

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