Bloc and Brick on github

Hi all,
I am pleased to announce that Bloc and Brick successfully moved to GitHub.
This means that the versions on SmalltalkHub are no longer maintained.
You can find installation procedures on github.

– a single place for all graphics-related projects (Bloc, Brick and maybe Sparta and Roassal in the future, i hope)
– benefit from git possibilities
– benefit from github tools
– more visibility

Some news in Bloc:

  • End of Athens support
  • Support for MS Windows (libMoz2D binary)
  • Static linear and radial GradientPaints
  • BoxShadow effect based on Sparta filters
  • Improvement of BlAnimation
  • Drag & Drop basis

Not much news in Brick:

  • Now Brick is based on the latest version of Bloc
  • Now Brick includes Styles and Theme (moved from Bloc to Brick)
  • First attempt for ColorPalette api (to be confirmed)
  • Material stuff is moved on a separated package (Brick-Material)
  • No more dependencies to PetitCSS / PetitParser in Styles (full smalltalk api)
  • [Warning] TextInput-related widgets are broken, waiting for SpartaEditor api
  • [Warning] Brick has been updated and moved to Github yesterday so it is possible that there are some issues during installation (not yet well tested)

Thanks for your interest in Bloc & Brick,
Best regards,

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